February 27, 2012

For Logan

wow blogging is very therapeutic. never would've guessed i'd like to write. anyway i can't stop thinking about life and everything going on. it keeps me up at night sometimes. so much is going on and i'm even involved in things that aren't going on in my life, trying to help my friends and such with their issues. wow they have a lot :).but what's a girl gonna do when a guy she cares about and likes tells her he loved someone else. harsh right. even the people we care most about hurt us. it makes me think what people will do. why must we be so insensitive and impulsive. love isn't what it used to be. but we just have to keep our heads high and listen to our hearts because at the end of the day, that's what will give us the best advice.


  1. i like that :) thnx. i can always count on u 2 be there to pull me out of that huge gaping hole of my problems luvya