February 28, 2012

precious phrases that run through my mind (maybe not that precious)

i have many thoughts every day so i thought i'd let you in on some things i think about everyday:
awkward limb! hey hannah, do u wanna go to the movies with me tonight? i do. And the winner of America's Got Talent is.... Hannah Corley! i love him with all my heart, but he doesn't love me back. why is life so complicated? she is such a female dog! :) life sucks. i hope i didn't fail that quiz/test! i love him. i am a princess and i will stab you with this pencil! i hate my thighs. i need music. where's my phone? i love him. i need gum! (enter catchy song lyrics here). where has the economy gone? i wish i was president so i could fix everything. i still love him no matter what.  

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