March 16, 2012

What Makes You Beautiful

There's a new song out called What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. They are a boy group from England and they are extremely cute and amazing singers. This song makes me happy every time i hear it on the radio. I stop whatever I'm doing and turn it up. I only wish a guy would come along and say all the things they say in that song to me. It's about a girl who's pretty but she doesn't know it and the guys are trying to tell her she is. Why can't guys be that kind and considerate and awesome and do that in real life. Just break out in song and sing that to me and you've won my heart. Seriously guys, grow a pair and do that. I'm sure tons of girls would love that. A guy who can sing and is cute is awesome in my book any day. There are many days when I wake up and look in the mirror and just think I'm not pretty. It would make my day so much better and easier if I could come to school after that and have my boyfriend tell me I'm beautiful no matter what. But first I need to get a boyfriend obviously, and I have a pretty good idea of someone who would be an amazing boyfriend. If only he liked me.

March 15, 2012


Friends are there through the ups and downs. They help us in our times of need and we return the favors. But what about those times when the problem is our friends. Who do we talk to? Other friends maybe? Where do you go? Friends can help and hurt and you just need to find the ones who help more. Or go and find an acquaintance at lunch and make them your new friendOr what about when we're sick and tired of everyone we hang out with and need a new crowd of faces? Who do we turn to? At lunch when we don't where or with who to sit. In the hall and in class when we don't want to talk to the same people over and over. Will someone stop us from expanding our horizons, or can we do what we want? The people who said they were there for you turn their backs on you and you're lost.. It's never to late to get new friends or go back to old ones. Even old people make new friends all the time. It's tough even for them. Especially for us when the people we think love us betray us and get mad over us because of stupid things like guys. It's sisters before misters people, seriously. So if you have a friend issue don't be afraid to get some space and do other things. It might help or even be better than before.

March 5, 2012

My Sun

Shall I compare thee to the sun?
Your warmth seeps into me.
Everyday we spend together is fun,
especially when we go to the sea.
My heart yearns for you,
and a look I shall take.
Even though you shan't woo,
my love for you won't shake.
Though others strive for you, you shall be mine,
but for every girl you see you yearn.
With you I will never whine,
unless you will not seem to learn.
At night, I cry, for without you I sleep,
but in the day, I shall never weep.

March 3, 2012

One Shot

In our lives, we get many opportunities to do things. We get chances to say hi to people, or tell someone how we really feel. But for somethings, you get only one shot, THE shot. The shot at making something out of yourself, or proving yourself to someone. The shot to get noticed for your talent and become famous. You don't get many shots like that, so when you do, make sure you take it. It'll all work out in the end sure, but sometimes you need to take your future into your own hands instead of leaving it to fate. Like putting yourself out there and auditioning for America's Got Talent, or making a presentation for a promotion. Doing whatever you need to to get where you're going. That's what I did. I took that one shot.

March 1, 2012

Dancin' Away With My Heart

Every time I see Hannah and Micah doing their Beauty and the Beast waltz, I die a little inside. What I wouldn't give for a guy to just dance with me and hold me just to let me know he cares about me. For him to sweep me off my feet and me to let him, no matter how much it hurts me later. For the guy I like to have an epiphany and come running to me and ask me out and just fall for me for once. Whenever I talk to him, I get butterflies and I can't help think that he has my heart. I long for the day when we go to Ball together and we dance; at the end of the night, I'll just tell him "You're dancing away with my heart." Because that's what he does everyday when we leave school. He takes my heart everywhere he goes because it's his to take. And it will be until.... well I don't know when it'll every stop being his. Probably when I get married and if I don't marry him. But maybe still even then. Who knows? All I know is for know, my heart's all his, and I only wish he could say the same for me.