March 1, 2012

Dancin' Away With My Heart

Every time I see Hannah and Micah doing their Beauty and the Beast waltz, I die a little inside. What I wouldn't give for a guy to just dance with me and hold me just to let me know he cares about me. For him to sweep me off my feet and me to let him, no matter how much it hurts me later. For the guy I like to have an epiphany and come running to me and ask me out and just fall for me for once. Whenever I talk to him, I get butterflies and I can't help think that he has my heart. I long for the day when we go to Ball together and we dance; at the end of the night, I'll just tell him "You're dancing away with my heart." Because that's what he does everyday when we leave school. He takes my heart everywhere he goes because it's his to take. And it will be until.... well I don't know when it'll every stop being his. Probably when I get married and if I don't marry him. But maybe still even then. Who knows? All I know is for know, my heart's all his, and I only wish he could say the same for me.

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