March 15, 2012


Friends are there through the ups and downs. They help us in our times of need and we return the favors. But what about those times when the problem is our friends. Who do we talk to? Other friends maybe? Where do you go? Friends can help and hurt and you just need to find the ones who help more. Or go and find an acquaintance at lunch and make them your new friendOr what about when we're sick and tired of everyone we hang out with and need a new crowd of faces? Who do we turn to? At lunch when we don't where or with who to sit. In the hall and in class when we don't want to talk to the same people over and over. Will someone stop us from expanding our horizons, or can we do what we want? The people who said they were there for you turn their backs on you and you're lost.. It's never to late to get new friends or go back to old ones. Even old people make new friends all the time. It's tough even for them. Especially for us when the people we think love us betray us and get mad over us because of stupid things like guys. It's sisters before misters people, seriously. So if you have a friend issue don't be afraid to get some space and do other things. It might help or even be better than before.

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