June 19, 2012


So last summer I went on a church retreat with my friend's church. The retreat was help by an organization called Student Life. I went to one the summer before that so I knew pretty much what it was like. One night, a woman came to talk to us about an organization called Compassion. It's an organization that helps kids in poor countries like Africa and Indonesia and other places. They go and take pictures of the kids and get their information and then go to places like retreats and churches to give out their information in packets. The normal people sponsor them. When you sponsor a child, each month you send $38 to Compassion and they provide the child with food, medical care, and other things.The lady that came to talk to us used to be a child in need of a sponsor and someone answered her prayers. Now, she is a grown woman and very thankful to her sponsor.
That night I felt something stir inside me and knew God was telling me to do something, I just wasn't sure what.But the next day I woke up and I knew I was supposed to sponsor a child. So my friend Logan came with me to the auditorium, which was where the Compassion table was set up (we were on a college campus) and I sponsored my child Monika. Through being a sponsor to her, we have formed a great relationship. We have so much in common like our love for music and the color pink. I'm an only child and she asked if she could call me her sister. I knew I had done the right thing. 
There are many children, thousands even, still in need of a sponsor. There are especially a lot of children over 10 in need because they are often overlooked by sponsors who want younger children. I have sponsored Monika for almost a year and I know if you decide to sponsor a child, you and the child will be extremely happy. These children need our help and love, so please answer their prayers. 
For more information or to sponsor a child, please click on the link below. 

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